the most productive automated baby leaf cultivation system in a greenhouse 

We are redefining the profitability in greenhouses.

Take charge of your greenhouse growing operations with the Aeroframe
the most productive automated baby leaf cultivation system in a greenhouse 

System benefits offer up to:


Double cultivation area


Reduced per-plant costs


Reduced space needs


Compared with other systems

What we do

greenhouse cultivation.

2x Cultivation Area

The Aeroframe platform cultivates plants at an angle, which can create up to 2x cultivation space per available floor area in your greenhouse.

Fully Automated

Our greenhouse systems can be fully automated for various leafy greens, including microgreens, baby leaf and teen leaf lettuces.

Most profitable

Your greenhouse climate control costs – heating and cooling – will be diluted by higher yields per m2, leading to higher profit margins and higher ROI.


The Aeroframe is infinitely scalable and can be implemented in phases, therefore we can help you achieve scale in your greenhouse without disruptions.


Technologies behind the Aeroframe greenhouse system

Explore the proprietary technologies and methodologies that enable the Aeroframe cultivation platform for greenhouses.

Core technologies
how it works

Choose your Deployment Option

the most productive automated cultivation system in a greenhouse

Modernize an existing Greenhouse

Retrofitting an existing greenhouse allows you to almost double your productivity without building a new facility. You will be able to 2x your revenue, 3x your EBITDA – all while spending 40-60% less than building a new greenhouse. Phased installation is possible.

new turnkey aeroponic Aeroframe system for a baby leaf lettuce greenhouse

Deploy the Aeroframe in a new Greenhouse

Choosing the Aeroframe platform for your turnkey greenhouse is the most economically viable choice – you will produce your target output while using 40-50% less real estate, and will generate an EBITDA 50% higher than using any NFT system. Moreover, your time to market is reduced.

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