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Freya Cultivation Systems is dedicated to transforming the future of Controlled Environment Agriculture. We believe that the ability to transform the sector lies in data and continuous development of intellectual property.

For example, Freya’s ultrasonic e-nozzles run on specific software that currently has the ability to identify nozzle performance deviations – meaning, if a single nozzle is damaged or worn out, we will be able to let the operator know. Most importantly, however, we will be able to continuously develop the underlying e-nozzle software and provide software and firmware updates that enable further value such as predictive maintenance, decreased power consumption, adaptive irrigation intensity and similar features that increase the product’s value after sale.

The same dedication to data applies to all aspects of our work - from e-Nozzle firmware to digital plant irrigation recipes, we believe that data flows will help us continuously improve our products, services and enable the creation of previously-unseen solutions.


Ultrasonic Nozzles for Aeroponic Irrigation

At the heart of our innovation lies the development of ultrasonic nozzles tailored explicitly for aeroponic irrigation. Our nozzles completely remove limitations of legacy high-pressure systems, such as clogging, pressure infrastructure maintenance, cost and labor.

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Mobile Aeroponic Irrigators

Our key current development - the AEROFRAME - is a cultivation platform for greenhouse growers seeking to advance their facility economics. The AEROFRAME can enable 2x revenue and increased profitability due to its three-dimensional plant placement and mobile ultrasonic aeroponic irrigation. Our IP extends to the system design design, irrigation and mobility mechanisms, and data root collected by spatial scanners and other sensors on the mobile irrigator.

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Irrigation Recipes for Improved Plant Performance

One of the most exciting aspects of our IP development revolves around the creation of precise irrigation recipes that enhance plant performance. The advantages of aeroponic irrigation go beyond efficient nutrient delivery - aeroponics enable access to plant roots, which means plant roots can be continuously scanned and evaluated for performance such as growth, nutrient uptake, hydration levels and disease resistance.

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A Digital Platform for Unmatched Control

UNDER DEVELOPMENT. FREYA is developing a digital AEROFRAME control platform serves, which serves as the central control hub for our equipment and opens a direct channel to plant health inspection and a way to distribute digital products and updates. It is more than a dashboard - it's a gateway to a self-learning irrigation platform.


Direct access to plant roots in aeroponics enables game-changing strategies. More importantly, mobile irrigators that can continuously scan plant roots in a cost-effective way can revolutionize the way we forecast productivity and evaluate plant performance.

Direct Access to Plant Roots

Traditional farming methods focus on what is visible – the foliage. While this provides valuable information, it is only part of the story. With aeroponic irrigation, we have direct access to plant roots. This means we can monitor the very foundation of a plant's health and growth. Root data offers insights that foliage data simply cannot match.

Disease Suppression and Early Detection

Root data is not just about growth - it is also about protection. Our IP allows us to implement disease prevention protocols that proactively safeguard your crops. By analyzing root health, we can detect early signs of disease, enabling quick intervention. This means fewer losses, reduced reliance on pesticides, and more sustainable farming practices.

Rapid Adjustment of Environmental Factors

Imagine having an irrigation system that optimizes plant taste and health by fine-tuning irrigation intensity, nutrient delivery, nutrient solution temperature and factors based on the plant’s real-time photosynthetic rate, root morphology, health and other factors. Root data empowers us to do just that. This level of precision is unparalleled.

The Future of Agriculture is Rooted in Our IP

Our dedication to IP development is not just about creating innovative products – it is about driving a paradigm shift in agriculture. Freya is committed to continuously improving our offerings, expanding our knowledge, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Controlled Environment Agriculture.
With Freya, you are not just investing in equipment; you are investing in a vision for the future of agriculture. Join us in this journey towards a greener, more sustainable, and more productive future in agriculture.

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AEROFRAME cultivation platform developed Freya Cultivation Systems AEROFRAME cultivation platform developed Freya Cultivation Systems