Natural pharmaceutical aquaculture feed additives

Natural pharmaceutical aquaculture feed additives

Baltic Freya is in partnership with a health sciences university to test the effect of different anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal plant-based compounds on diseases in aquaculture.

As the fastest growing food sector, aquaculture has very few effective treatments when it comes to fish diseases. The lack of effective pharmaceuticals and supplements lead to antibiotics overuse and water pollution.

Aeroponic techniques are well known to positively affect valuable secondary metabolite development. Furthermore, natural functional food additives would provide for very effective oral applications.

Therefore, a number of pharmaceutically-relevant plants (confidential) from around the world was deployed in Baltic Freya’s systems and will include experiments surrounding natural plant supplementation. Furthermore, some synthesizable materials will be supplemented with dried plant matter in order to increase its effectiveness.

N.b. As it would likely not be commercially viable to produce such crops indoors commercially, we have identified several climates where profitable to engage in aeroponic cultivation using greenhouses and solar panels. For example, one solar panel deployed in Southern Europe would be capable to support 30 m2 (approx. 323 sq. ft.) of grow area, including the entire irrigation infrastructure.

Aeroponically grown Artemisia Annua - Baltic Freya research project